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Arriving in early 2018 are some more virgin California mustangs and other surprises. Feel free to contact us for more personalized info and pictures. You can reserve these high end collectors cars now, while supplies last. Everything went so quick in 2017 so allow me to educate you. These cars are not going to be around forever. They are only going up in value. Listen up. Take this helpful information, pay your brain bill this month and reserve the best, rust free California cars from us NOW. 

Due to our ongoing strong growth RS is proud to unveil our new Ford diesel and car hauler. This allows us to continue to meet our customer needs. Moreso, this vehicle gives us the ability to buy and deliver your classic car more efficiently to the ports in California. End result, with reducing our turn around times for buying and delivery, our costs just have gone down. So this means your costs have just gone down! Pictured is my brother Roger who is now our full time car hauler operator and buyer in California. He has over 35 years experience in the auto industry and has worked in various branches for Ford and Chevrolet. He is a car enthusiast and has lived and breathed muscle cars for over 50 years. Roger is dedicated to buying the absolute best classics available for you as well as transporting your classic vehicles in the most safe and professional manner.


Several more barn finds recently found and soon to be arriving in 2018. Keep posted and you will see them unveiled before your eyes.