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We can find or build your dream machine. We use our professional mechanics, interior specialist and custom paint company to meet your wishes. 100% commitment to quality and satisfaction is our mission. Our 1964 Chevrolet impala SS featured on our home page is a prime example of what we can do. It has won several awards in Holland, featured in Dutch newspapers and publications as well as constant use in many photo shoots and in classic car calenders throughout Europe.

Newsflash: RS Classic Cars has partnered with a well known, high end paint shop in the industry to exclusively paint all our cars. Our customers can still expect our rust free exceptional cars as before but now can expect every car to have that high end showroom finish. This enables us to continue our best pricing in Europe for classic cars and allows us to provide an even better product. Constantly improving, it is our commitment to excellence for our customers. Stop by today and see the difference for yourself. Our 1964 GTO cabrio done in Red Pepper metallic is on display for a short time before it is sent to Sweden.