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Gone, ga ga gone.... like a gong. Fully restored, garage kept AMX with the power monger 390. Comes with full documentation. Excellent paint & awesome interior combo. Very original inside and out.  Car has really nice orignal rallye wheels with red line tires.....simply classic style and beauty. If you are looking for a one of a kind muscle car that has the classy looks, top quality correct restoration and raw performance then I imagine I will be seeing you soon. Look, it is what it is. You may or may not like the talk but it is the simple truth. So I will make it simple for no brainers, head shakers, disbelievers and clones. Best cars sold here. Sales don't lie. I use simple a lot so you should understand that if you are tired of seeing rusty cars that looked like victims of drive by shootings, fed up with fake pictures of cars dealers "say they have" AND not into wasting time, just simply drive to my shop and drive away with a righteous classic. Dan did just that. He drove this baby back to Germany in sweltering summer heat with no problems. RS thanks him for his purchase.Uuuummm Huuuuhhh, thanks aunt Jemima for the syrup.

Speechless. This car is impossible but here it is. A true California black plate all original C code factory 289. You heard the saying all the bells and whistles? OK this car created that saying. Comes equipt with deluxe pony interior, molded arm rests, orig carpet floor mats, center console, under the dash chrome ac unit....going to be here all night, just too much to list. Has a rare factory fawn green paint job. Have tons of documentation. Car is 100% complete, everything in great mint condition, everything functions properly and I am talking right down to all the curtousy lights. Yes the doors, glove box, overhead, under the dash map lights and behind the center console etc all works.  Original radio works.. Drives like a dream. You can show this car at any event and at least go home with nicest original car in its class. It is in the top 3 all time best cars I have ever bought. Pound for pound the nicest, original, unmolested, 66 in Europe. Best way to describe this one, it is a car you whisper around. Shush you will disturb her. RS thanks Pascal and his good luck charm from Belgium for his purchase. He looked at 22 cars in several different countries before he visited the source. Tells me all I need to know and it should you, as well. Make no mistake, this is where I stand in Europe....Steam rolling ahead, numero uno!!

Yes a 67 true California blue plater. Beefy 302 that is truly an underwear changer, I mean like 3rd gear churps. Clean deep red 2 stage PPG paint. I mean the car looks wet thats how glossy it is. Black interior is just as sweet and very original. A marvelously maintained vehicle. Guys I was not going to tell but have to let the cat out of the bag. It is an original rare 4 speed car!! This one has all the guts and the glory right down to those nasty looking American racing wheels. I know it is not correct to compare but it drives like a 68 corvette. Won't last a second on my showroom so hurry up and contact me. Guys i am pounding the table on this one....look at her. Gone, why sure. I told you not to wait, it was not lip service. I am here to put you in the best cars for ridiculously low prices NOW, not when the wife gives you a set. Then its too late, they're gone! Anyways, you guys figure it out. I'm gonna go watch the Kentucky Derby. RS thanks Wolfgang (who did not pass on this opportunity) from Koln for his purchase.