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Has a newly rebuilt high performance 302 v8 with newer Silver Bullet paint and black interior. It is completely rust free. Nice clean body lines. This is a concept car that can be finished to suit the customers unique vision. It has a shelby GT front end. With a small amount of effort it can be completed into a Shelby GT tribute, Front bumper/valance refitted back to original or anywhere in between. It is up to you on how this car will evolve. We will build it and make sure it meets your specifications? Whatever you decide it will have that sleeper 302 ready to eat the street. RS thanks Yannick for his purchase. Sorry to the rest but too much talk and dreaming gets you only that, not an awesome street eater.

 Recently painted in classic Grabber Blue. This rarity has a recently rebuilt 302 c code with rocker rollers, mild cam and an abundance of love and attention. Black interior is all correct and in very clean condition. Has the original 67 steering wheel with the factory oversized horn. A true muscle of the day and still is. New torques and brand spanking new tires. A very desireable year for the muscle car/mustang enthusiast. I see this one selling to someone who is really looking for beefy muscle car performance without any compromise whatsoever. Speak softly around this car and dont upset it because this stud will blow doors on the competition. First customer bought it in a New York second. RS thanks Olaf for his purchase. He did not wait either because he gets it because you dont pass up something like this.....Boing for all those who know what I mean.

You can hold me to this. You will not find a vette with a nicer color or quality paint. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. It is like being captivated by a sapphire. It carries a high compression 350 v8. 11:1 compression and a factory 4 speed if you geek out on the specs. It is on. Interior is nice mint condition. Yes you bet your bottom dollar that everything elect/mech functions 100%. This vette is sexy and fast yet all very classy.  If you are one of those dudes that had enough of internet chat. You know just want to go back to a simplier time and experience how uncontrollable women used to chase down a man because his attitude was defined by his corvette.  Then shower up, splash on the Hi Karate cologne, buy this vette from me, drop the t tops and watch Dr. Love start taking house calls....Sorry baby totally booked, how about next week? Sold 1 week out of the gate. Cannot say I did not give you clones a chance at it. Am I clear enough for you yet. Tonnage is the word.  RS thanks Kent from Germany for his purchase.