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Yes its is a nice show quality paint. Magnificiant red with white GT rallye stripes. Modelled after the legendary GT350. Yes even the rallye stripes are painted on. No stickers, no quickie deal. This pony is an absolute stunner and given the attention to details as it deserves. A matching C code all original blue plate classic mustang. Very hard to find such a car. Almost becoming an anomoly now. Still able to use my resources and mine this babies back into exisitance. RS thanks Christopher from Germany for his purchase.

This is a fine 66 specimen that has been well cared for. It is equipped with a extremely nice 302. It has all the original correct accessories on the engine. Interior is in close to perfect original status and is totally complete. It needs a paint color of your choice with some adjustments and tlc to make it a phenominal classic. I bought it because it is completely rust free and drives like new with great performance. I also bought it because I am not afraid to get my hands dirty on this true and unmolested mustang. It inspired me to make a showstopper. It can be painted any color whatever me or the customer decides. The result will be a stunning high quality paint. Our customer Klaus from Germany decided to paint it sky blue. So we are busy working on it to make it that one of a kind car. RS thanks Klaus for his purchase.

OK here it is. All Klaus said was WOW. Thing is ready to be parked on the greens at Wimbeldon. Thank you for the opportunity to build you the best damn mustang out there. Yes it is the same 66 primer car seen below. No it was not outsourced like clones do.