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Hot of the presses. Just finished this stunning hugger orange paint on this gargantuaine 383 stroked out 450 + hp Camaro. It lays it down so its not a mamas boy car. Gots the Boss wheels, gots the 4 speed muncie 21 rock crusher, gots the 12 bolt rear end, gots the leather guts. There is a lot more gots but you kids know how I build them. Guys this one seperates the men from the mice and I am really proud of the results. Probably will be sold before it hits my shop. That's how nice and well built it is. Very difficult these days to find a desireable, one of a kind 70 Chevy heavy metal. Sold straight out of the gate. Literally out of my shipping container. RS thanks Stefan from neighboring Germany.

Nice older restored pony with matching 289, California black plate, fully working factory airco, power steering and front disc brakes. Includes new American racing wheels, sound system and a whole bunch more. Deep blue metallic paint is absolutely spectacular. It really is a perfect color to offset the chrome, wheels and those classic mustang body lines. Comes with a sleeping bag and ice chest for all your cold beverages , so nice you will want to live in it. Someone is going to get a top notch pony. This one is a keeper. Sold to Christian in Germany.

One of Fords first production mustangs. A 64 1/2 true F code matching v8 from California. Look around for a true 64 1/2 with a matching v8 in this rust free condition. Got pretty quiet didn't it. This one is very clean and straight with the classic red exterior and black interior combination. Engine has been nicely reworked with many performance parts and front disc brake conversion. New krager wheels. This one will appeal to someone looking more for a mustang with muscle car attitude and performance without compromising originality. No brainer just like fishing in a barrel. Its that simple and uncomplicated kids to buy this pony. Just let the car do the work while you sit back and shoot the breeze at my digs. So sold the car to Marco from Holland. Car was such a no brainer so we just kicked back liked two guys are supposed to when a righteous pony changes hands. Once agin sorry for all the unreturned calls but this one sold within 2 days of placing it on the market. I do have 3 nice mustangs coming in April so do not hesitate to give me a bell to get first opportunity.