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It is cammed out like a mother rooch with a newly built big bad 440. Drive train is newer as well. Clean black guts on inside. Nice hemi orange paint on the outside. Power steering but who cares mopars are meant to be driven in a straight line. 70 is the most desired year Coronet so how come you are going to wait for someone else to buy it.....Keep telling you son you will miss out again on another one of my great and rare mopars. Oh now a 440 is too big for you? Does not matter stick with your butterfly collection.....Blink Blink sold. RS thanks my big boy Fabian for his purchase.

An all original California fresh full optioned Dodge D200 Camper special. Carries that legendary little big man workhorse 383 motor. Automatic, power steering, power brakes, ac, big bolt pattern rear end, beefy tires and much much more. Easy to say that it has the whole enchilada. Best of all no rust or damage. Chassis and undercarriage is virgin. It is a big truck so go to the body panels and the truth be told. Straight, no waves, no nothing just flat untampered mopar iron and smooth faded paint. Had this truck as my right hand but it is time to release her back into the wild so to speak. It is ready to take on another road trip, fishing expedition or a wilderness adventure. It is only fitting this way. It is one of the few trucks that will never be retired to the family photo albums. This rig will continue to be an ongoing legacy. Once a truck guy always a truck guy, period I'm out. RS thanks Kris in Germany for his purchase.

Yes thats right a fully restored cutty convertible sweetness. 350 rocket matching motor with full umff. This is no half assed, unfinished project without a convertible top that is left for the next unwary victim to struggle with. No sir. This one is a pure, no excuses sweet driving piece of history. When I drive this car all I can say is sooo coool this is how a cutty should be. Unlike the knuckle buster projects out there, this one is turn key and has the correct original color too. No rust, super straight body with a drop dead gorgeous correct burnt metallic orange paint. Car is so California sweet the sun shines whenever it is driven. You will not find a nicer, more complete, untampered cutty then this. I have taken the endless hours out of your search. Thank me later. I sense another boing coming. Sold to one of our repeat customers. I mean this guy goes back like a rocking chair, talking almost back to the start. He wanted the best and he knows my quality so this was a no brainer to come back home. Says a lot doesn't it. RS thanks Jan-Vielet from Leeuwarden. Enjoy this cutty on the open range of Holland.