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The savage. Don't let the children out after dark. Original California c code car. All new premium performance engine, drive train. Will easily school most mustang guys with all talk and no walk. Yes it is more then loud pipes kids. Body is as true as can be. Very nice upgrades. Nice black guts, new chrome rallye wheels plus more bells & whistles. Car has not been torn apart, it is very original. I can paint this any color you want. Body is so kind it can even be painted black. If you want something exceptional don't wait to reserve this. Yep yet another one for the books. Sorry to all the guys with questions about this car. I know you are in a world of hurt but let's hope I can find another like this. If I do, all I can say is get your head on straight, check your pulse to make sure you are alive and hit me up quick so you don't miss out on possibly your last golden chance. My Final take....Do not listen to people that say oh yeah there's plenty of mustangs to find. Dead wrong. These guys are not your friends and never have intentions to own a classic. Let these under achievers hang out on the Internet because they will never find themselves. The cars you are seeing online for 'reasonable' prices are dogs, 6 cylinders with tons of work and rust. Yes they look nice but then i guess you believe in Santa Claus. I spend a lot of time working the streets, so I see what is really out there. I have not given up on you yet but you have to come correct. Just get in touch ASAP when I have my new stock and i will put you in a hotter then a red hot chilli pepper mustang like this one above. RS thanks Stan from Denmark for his purchase. Why do I sell cars so quick and you do not? Easy, your not me and I only care about delivering the best bad asses there is. Always been my modus operandi.

Another incredible California black plater. Original C Code car. If you want horsepower wrapped up tight in a completely original mustang then look no further. Very high quality built up engine. Strong automatic tranny also rebuilt for ground & pound performance. It has a cool patina to it that will boast of its trueness. Still, I think this should be made into a show stopper. A nice fire engine red paint and you got something that fell from Mars. Has new bumpers with the rest of the chrome/stainless/lights/grill etc being quite nice. Some of it accented in annodized black. The black interior is definately up to snuff and very original. Guys these are not on every street corner any longer. I have to go deep in my little black book....no not that one....the other one with coffee stains and call old contacts to pry these cars out of their clutches. No easy task because these cats love their cars and been in the game long before you and me cut our teeth. You have been forewarned. I cannot find a reason why it would not be sold in a heartbeat...believe me I tried. I just keep coming up with the  same answer, what a great muscle car. Obviously my man David from Liege has the same thoughts and turned it into a reality. RS appreciates his business. This car, like all my cars are hand bought and hand sold by me. No middle men, no hiding behind auction sites to sell my cars, no quick read off the internet pretending to know about cars.....Really, people see right through this nonsense. When I say the real deal I mean it because I stand behind every piece of iron I sell. Experience is why I'm still around to talk the talk and walk the walk. 

Rare original F code v8 car...solid through & through. This one started Mustang Mania that has never left since it made the stage back in 64. Beautiful running 260 v8 with a 3 speed manual. Incredible car to drive. When you shut the doors all you hear is THUNK! Carries its original wimbelton white exterior and roman red interior. My favorite mustang color combination. Very clean rallye wheels and much more. This car defines class and American styling. This is the iconic combination for a mustang. Car is straight out of a time machine. I thought I was at the end of my hunting days for these survivors then this one graced me with its presence. Car has no rust and no issues at all. Drive this car for another 50 years. RS thanks Raus from Munich for his purchase. He did not wait because there is not another true survivor like this or you can spank me naked and then hide my clothes.