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Stunning example of what a corvette should be. Gorgeous jet black paint, beautiful real leather interior (smells like leather gloves inside), original aluminum rallye wheels, glass t-tops and that L82 rocket power plant. Guys if you have not listened to me before because you were in a coma please listen to me NOW! If you read between the lines I give tons of advise about cars and what to look for in up and comers. Well i will spell this out. This particular vette is the pinnacle. It has the most desired color combo along with the L82 and all the options. I have seen vettes increase 15% this year and only going through the roof next year. Why? Because it is the last great affordable sports car there is. Dig it.....a rock solid v8, timeless body lines, performance, women can't control themselves, t-tops and this is just the beginning. Look at what the little tin Euro sports cars go for. I mean the world is on its ear. How is it possible that these little oil cans are worth more than an all mightly corvette with excellent style, luxury and performance. Well finally the world is coming around and people are starting to see the great value in vettes. So if you don't think this is your last chance to get into a world famous sports car at entry level prices then forget it go back into your deep sleep and keep dreaming. If you are listening come over and drive this one away. You won't be disappointed.RS thanks Ralf, one of our valued customers over the years, for his purchase.

Superfly has left some of his belongings behind. Here is 67 with beauty and brawn. Let me explain. This bad motha of a 302 hits hard and will get your where you need to be fast. The luxurious amenities throughout will attract eyeballs a mile away. Imagine the high end, fully dressed, optioned out to the ying yang cougars of the late 60's then drop a muscled 67 mustang body on it and you got this Superfly. Absolutely a crowd pleaser and one of my personal favorites.....Friends hit u up for rides, for sure. All you have to say is, Naw dog gots my special interests riding shotgun.....no thang....check you out another time, SHAME....and leave it at that. They'll understand. RS thanks Lucas for his purchase.

Original California Black tins C Code horse. The 289 has been generously upgraded to drive long and fast as it was expected for a Pan Am car. This car is very original. Nice body gaps and a clean chassis.  It has cool Mach I ralley wheels, lowered stance and painted aqua marine metallic to complete its undeniable muscle car look. Power steering makes this car a one hander....the other hand on the cb radio. Easy as butter to drive since it handles so tight. Another no brainer car. It's a 67...rack 'em, I'm out. RS thanks RJ in Holland for his purchase.