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All original & correct. 2 owner vette. Stared at 4 walls most its life. Orignal paint & interior show virtually no wear. 350 engine is rebuilt pulling close to 300 steroids. Lets talk about the paint kids. It has that stunning 2 tone silver on top with charcoal gray under. Orig pinstripping still looks fabulous. Guys coming up to you saying stuff like 'soild my bro-han' & 'whats the word'. Drive this car & dudes know you are the Mac that hits the streets and the ladies know you are packin and will want to hit the sheets. Thats why you own a vette...admit it we are all adults here. So buy this car and let the womanizer do all your preliminary work. Dirk Digler had one in boogie nights. You will not find another vette this clean & tight in the best color combo GM ever put out. Car is a freak..... it is so real and nice. Live life, grab the bull by the horns & own this vette. See u tomorrow. The keys are in the ignition, got the RFTW CD locked & loaded, Roger Troutman as back up to ice the deal. RS thanks our customer for their purchase.

This car is know around town for its cleanliness. i have never seen such clean floorboards...it was a jaw dropping experience. Original matching numbers 350 granny car turned into a sleeper. It was nicely built up by her son. Will smoke most small blocks off the line & finished strong because it has great top end. He was smart and left it very original and added the goodies where it matters. Yes that's right in the engine. Car is a strong running unit as mentioned. The rest is just plain Jane, non spoiled milk as it should be. Even has the orig body moldings are sweet, not all ratted out & bent to hell. I added some dog dish wheel caps and spent 2 days polishing her to reveal what time tried to hide. Look at that paint. Car is a time capsule. Like all my cars it has a story on how i found it but thats for another time. I've been around the block & strongly doubt a virgin Nova like this is out there anymore. So get on the horn and buy it from me now!! It was sold to Berlin a few days after she arrived from her journey across the world. Stop shaking your head, you are going to pass out. You saw that this car was incoming and you had time to buy it. Can't say i did not give a heads up. RS thanks Bjorn for his purchase.

California fresh. Mopar performance 318 engine built to a 340 with mild cam. 8 3/4 sure grip 10 bolt rear end connected to an upgraded 727 automatic with shift kit. Hedman & Flows obviously. Exterior speaks for itself. Nice orig driver quality. Well its sublime if i need to verbalize it. Bumble stripes on the back with flat black over hood and traveling beautifully over the correct air intakes. Hood pins to ice the deal. New challenger wheels with the best, BF goodrich. Original high optioned interior without one flaw. All o.g. instruments, radio, trim.....yeah yeah yeah its got it. R.S  thanks Wolf from Austria for his purchase. Imagine driving this baby on a lonely mountain road...freedom.